Terms of Use

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Internet Electronic Commerce Transaction ("Service") provided by the User through the Internet Service Site operated by Beauty Road (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") It is intended to define the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the company and users. In addition, these Terms and Conditions will apply mutatis mutandis to electronic commerce using wired / wireless PC communication, tablet PC, smart phone (iPhone, Android phone, etc.) application and mobile web.

2. The rights, duties and responsibilities between ‘beauty load’ and ‘user’ other than those stipulated in this agreement shall be governed by the Telecommunications Business Act and other relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea.

Article 2 (Definition)

Terms used in these Terms are as follows:
        1. The site operated by the company is as follows.
beautyload.co.kr, Includes mobile applications provided through other websites, smartphones and mobile communication devices announced and provided by the company in the future.
2. User: "User" means a member or non-member who accesses "Site" and receives "Service" in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
3. Request form: This is a service request form containing detailed information about the model application that the user wants.
4. Member ID ("ID"): A letter or combination of numbers selected by the member and approved by the Company for the purpose of identifying the member and using the service of the member.
5. Password: Password is a combination of letters and numbers determined by the member to confirm the identity of the user and to protect personal information of the member.
6. Non-member: "Non-member" means a person who uses "Service" without joining a member, who has applied for e-mail and SMS service online or in writing to receive site users and information.
7. Termination of Membership: Termination of the contract by the member.
8. Contents: Information provided by the site, writing a request, making a quotation, receiving a request, receiving a quotation, and other programs.
1. The Company shall post on the initial service screen of the Site such that the contents of this Agreement and the address, the name of the manager, the name of the person in charge of the personal information protection, and the contact information (telephone, fax, e-mail address, etc.) are known to the user.
2. These Terms and Conditions shall become effective upon posting on the Site or by notifying Members by email or other means.
3. The effect of the warning message presented on the screen when using the service is the same as the effect of this agreement.
4. The Company shall not be liable for any change of circumstances or for business reasons if it does not violate the Act on Regulation of the Terms, the Basic Act on Electronic Commerce, the Digital Signature Act, the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, You may change the Terms at any time, and the changed terms will take effect in the same manner as in Paragraph 2 above.
5. By agreeing to these Terms, you agree to regularly visit the Site to confirm any changes to the Terms. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by users who do not know the changed terms.
6. Members may request withdrawal (termination) of membership if they do not agree to the changed terms, and if they do not express their intention to refuse within 7 days from the effective date of the changed terms, Will be considered.

Article 3 (Outside Terms and Conditions)

1. These Terms and Conditions shall be applied together with the usage guide (hereinafter referred to as "service-specific information") regarding individual services provided by the Company.
2. The matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Telecommunications Basic Act, Telecommunications Business Act, and other related laws and regulations.

Chapter 2 Service Use Contract

Article 4 (Establishment of Use Contract)

1. The contract of use shall be established by the consent of the beauty load of the wish to use the service and the willingness to agree to the terms and the application for use.
2. Consent to these Terms of Use shall be indicated by checking the link at the time of application.
3. In the case of a minor under 14 years of age, the contract of use shall be established after confirming the consent of the parent (legal representative).

Article 5 (Membership and acceptance)

1. If you are a member and want to use the services of the Site, you must provide the personally identifiable information requested on the Site.
2. If the Company accepts the application for the use of the service of the user’s site, the site will notify the user of the member ID / Password and other contents deemed necessary by the company.
        3. The Company shall not accept the application for the use of any of the following items:
            (1) If you are not your real name or have applied for your name using someone else’s name
            (2) When the content of the application for service use agreement is falsified
            (3) When applying for the purpose of hindering social well-being and orderliness or morals             (4) If you wish to use the Service for fraudulent purposes
            (5) If you want to use this service for profit-making purposes
            (6) When a user who is in competition with this service applies to
            (7) When it is difficult to accept the use of the applicant for reasons other than the applicant’s use.

4. If the application for use of the service falls under any of the following items, the Company may reserve the consent until the reasons for the approval are dissolved.

(1) When the company does not have enough facilities
            (2) If your company has technical difficulties
            (3) In case the acceptance of use is difficult due to the reason of other company’s reasons.

Article 6 (Use of the Service)

        1. A member is automatically subscribed to all sites listed in Section 1, Article 2, Article 1 with one ID issued at the time of membership through the Site and may use the service. However, certain services on some sites may be accessed through a separate subscription process, in which case the terms and conditions for the specific services on that site take precedence over these terms.         2. In the event that the number of sites increased after the first use of the service by the member, the provisions of Paragraph 1 shall apply, except as otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of the new site. In this case, BeautyLoad will notify each site from the date of commencement of the service start date of the new site, the fact that the member automatically subscribes, and other relevant information from 7 days before the commencement date to the commencement date, Notice

3. BeautyRoad’s services are provided 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is any special business or technical disruption to the site. 4. The service provided by Beauty Road is free by default.
5. Fees and payment methods for paid services are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in those services.
6. BeautyRoad is a telecommunications sales agent, and any damages related to transactions between users in connection with the service free of charge and the use of some of the paid services are not included in the beauty load unless there is intentional or grave error Is not responsible.

Chapter 3. Service Provision and Change

Article 7 (Contents of Service)

The services provided by beauty load are as follows.

1. Providing quotation information of affiliated hospitals to users

1. BeautyRoad can provide members with various information that is deemed necessary for the use of the service, such as how to post it on various media such as site, email, SMS, DM, etc.
              2. BeautyLoad can request additional personal information with the consent of the member for the purpose of improving and introducing the service.
              3. BeautyLoad can place advertisements on site, e-mail, SMS, DM, etc. in connection with the operation of the service.

Article 8 (Limitation and suspension of service provision)

1. Beauty Load can restrict or suspend all or part of the use of the service if the company requires it, such as periodic inspection, maintenance, replacement, or if there is interference with the service due to unavoidable reasons.         2. In the event that there is any possibility of occurrence or occurrence of an exhibition, civil incident, natural disaster or a similar national emergency, or any other force majeure such as power outage, You can restrict or stop.
        3. In case of discontinuance of service under Paragraph 1, the Site shall notify the Member by means of Article 11. However, this is not the case if it is not possible to notify you in advance due to service disruption caused by unavoidable reasons.         4. BeautyRoad will compensate for damages incurred by the user or a third party due to temporary interruption in the provision of services due to the reason stated in Paragraph 1.         However, this does not apply if it proves that Beauty Road is not intentional or negligent.

Article 9 (Notice to Members)

1. If the site notifies the member, the member can use the site screen or the email address submitted when registering for membership.
        2. The site may be replaced by individual notice by posting on the site bulletin board for 7 days or more in case of notice to many unspecified members.

Article 10 (Membership Withdrawal and Disqualification)

        1. When a member wishes to terminate the use contract, the member himself can apply for cancellation by using menu or phone in the beauty load web page, and Beauty Load will immediately process the membership withdrawal.         2. As soon as the membership is withdrawn, the member’s left the review will be converted to a non-member review. In addition to the review, all information related to the use of the service will be deleted. Members are responsible for the disadvantage caused by this.
3. If a member falls under any of the following grounds, BeautyRoad may limit, suspend or terminate the member’s membership in any appropriate manner.
            (1) If you register false information at the time of application for membership
            (2) If you threaten the electronic trading order by interfering with the use of other people’s services or stealing the information.
            (3) If you use the Service to prohibit the laws and regulations, or to act in contravention of public good or wrong,
            (4) If the same act is repeated more than once after the beauty load has restricted or stopped membership, or if the reason is not corrected within 10 days

4. Beauty Road will lose membership if you lose membership. In this case, we will notify the member and give them an opportunity to call before the expiration date.


    Article 11 (Member’s Privacy Protection)

        1. BeautyRud will always obtain the user’s consent when collecting personal information that can be used to identify the user.         2. The collected personal information can not be used for other purposes or provided to third parties without the consent of the user, and all responsibilities are the beauty load. Exceptions to the following cases:
            (1) If you provide the shipper with the minimum information (name, address, phone number) required for shipping to shipping companies
            (2) In cases where it is necessary for statistical writing, academic research, or market research to provide specific individuals in an unidentifiable form.             (3) When necessary for the settlement of accounts due to transactions such as goods
            (4) In order to prevent identity theft

            (5) Where there is an unavoidable reason required by law or by law

3. In case of Paragraph 3, Paragraph 1, the personal information protection policy will be fulfilled in accordance with Article 17.
        4. If the beauty load is required to obtain the consent of the user pursuant to Paragraphs 1 and 3, the beauty load shall clearly specify or notify the purpose of collecting and using the information and the information related to the third party. You may withdraw this consent.
        5. The user may request to read and correct errors of his personal information at any time and beauty load is obliged to take necessary action without delay. If the user requests correction of errors, beauty load will not use the personal information until correcting the error.
6. BeautyRoad is responsible for the loss of user’s personal information due to loss, theft, leakage, alteration, etc.

        7. BeautyRoad is not allowed to collect Beauty Load users’ data using technology such as scraping from companies that have not been affiliated with BeautyRoad or approved by the business.         8. Beauty Lot or a third party who receives personal information from it will destroy the personal information without delay when it has achieved the purpose of collecting or receiving the personal information.

Article 12 Personal Information Items Collected

        1. BeautyRoad collects the following personal information for providing services when you join as a member to use the services of users.
            (1) Collection item:
            - Required fields: name, password, email, mobile phone number,
            All members: Service usage history, access logs, cookies, access IP information, billing history
            (2) Collection method: Homepage (membership registration), written form

2. You can request personal information input for statistical analysis or offer of prizes at the time of surveys and events held by Beauty Road, and you agree to receive the advertisement mail in the newsletter that Beauty Road sends, If you become an ad mailer receiving benefits such as events, prizes, etc., you may be asked to enter your personal information selectively.         3. BeautyRoad does not collect sensitive personal information (racial, ideological, creed, homeland, homeland, political tendency, criminal record, etc.) that may cause basic human rights violation of the user. I will surely get it.

Article 13 Purpose of collecting and using personal information

        1. BeautyLoad does not disclose user’s personal information without prior consent of the user, and the collected information is used for the following purposes.             (1) Settlement of fees and contents services, purchasing and payment of fees, delivery of goods or billing according to contract implementation and service provision
            (2) Membership Management
            Identification, personal identification, prevention of unauthorized use of fraudulent members and prevention of unauthorized use, confirmation of registration, age verification, personal information of children under 14 years old by membership service             Confirmation of legal representative’s consent at the time of collection, complaint handling, etc.
(3) Use in marketing and advertising
            Statistics on the development and specialization of new services (product), delivery of advertisement information such as newsletters and events, provision of services according to demographic characteristics, advertisement display, frequency of access or use of services by members

        2. The information protection policy of this beauty load does not apply to collecting personal information of websites linked to beauty load.

Article 14 Retention and Use Period of Personal Information

        1. While the user is using the service provided by Beauty Road as a member of Beauty Road, Beauty Road will keep the personal information of the user continuously and use it for service provision and so on. In principle, after collecting and using personal information Will destroy the information without delay.
        2. However, the following information will be kept for the period specified for the following reasons:
            (1) If necessary for the use of the service and cooperation with the investigation of the institution, the member information is kept as below.
                - Preservation items: Service usage history, access logs, cookies, access IP information
                - Conservation grounds: prevention of crosstalk, coordination by investigative agencies
                - Retention period: 6 months

(2) If you need to preserve it in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, we will keep your information for a certain period of time as stipulated by related laws and regulations.                 - Display. Records on advertising: June (Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce)
                - Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years (Act on consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc.)
                - Record of payment and goods supply: 5 years (Act on consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc.)
                - Record of dissatisfaction or dispute of consumer: 3 years (Consumer protection law in e-commerce etc.)

Article 15 (Obligations for Membership ID and Password)

1. The member is responsible for the management of the ID and password except in cases of Articles 13, 14, 15 and 16.
        2. Members shall not allow third parties to use their ID and password, and all responsibilities are the responsibility of the member.
        3. If a member recognizes that his / her ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, he / she should notify Beauty Load immediately and follow instructions of beauty load, if any. BeautyRoad is not obligated to compensate for damages caused by delay in notifying BeautyLudge even if the member acknowledges the above facts.

Article 16 (Obligations of the Company)

        1. BeautyRoad shall make the Services available to the Member on the date of commencement of the service requested by the Member unless otherwise specified.         2. BeautyLoad will repair or repair the equipment without any delay, unless there is a reason for failure or mechanical defect in order to provide continuous and stable service.         3. BeautyLoad builds security system to protect privacy and publicizes and complies with privacy policy.
        4. BeautyRoad shall be dealt with promptly, if appropriate, in the event that any opinions or complaints from members are objectively recognized as fair. However, if it is difficult to process it promptly, the user should be notified of the reason and schedule of processing.

Article 17 (Membership Obligations)

        1. Members shall not engage in any of the following acts:
            (1) Register false information when applying for membership or change
            (2) False change of information posted on Beauty Road
            (3) Acts that infringe on the moral rights or intellectual property right of Beauty Road or other third parties or obstruct the business
            (4) stealing another member’s ID
            (5) Transmitting or posting information (such as computer programs) that is prohibited to be transmitted or published pursuant to related laws
            (6) Posting or sending mail by impersonating or impersonating an employee or manager of Beauty Road or misusing the name of another person
(7) Posting or e-mailing materials containing software viruses, other computer code, files and programs designed to interfere with, destroy, or interfere with the normal operation of computer software, hardware, telecommunications equipment, etc.             (8) Activities that harass other members, such as stalking
            (9) Collecting, storing and disclosing personal information about other members without their consent
            (10) Acts that violate the provisions of the services provided by Beauty Road and other services.
            (11) To disclose or post information that is contrary to obscene or violent messages, images, voices, or other public affairs.             (12) Providing information that distorts factual relationships, etc. Other acts that Beauty Roads deem inappropriate

2. Members are responsible for the disadvantage caused by false or misrepresentation of personal information by members, and Beauty Road is not responsible for this.         3. If BeautyLoad publishes information that it deems inappropriate for the site’s operation, BeautyLoad may remove the posted information without the consent of the publisher. However, beauty load is not obligated to delete such information.
        4. If a member has acted in accordance with Paragraph 1, BeautyRoad may restrict, suspend or terminate the member’s membership in any appropriate manner as provided in Article 12 of this Agreement.         5. The member is liable to compensate for the damage suffered by beauty and other members due to the cause of the defect.

Article 18 (Deletion of post or contents)

        The Company may delete it without prior notice or consent if the content posted or registered by the user violates the provisions of Article 19, Paragraph 1 or exceeds the period of the company’s published period.

    Article 19 (Attribution of copyright, rights and duties)

1. Copyright and other intellectual property rights for works created by "Beauty Road" belong to "Beauty Road".
        2. Member shall not use the information obtained by using the service of "Beauty Road" for commercial purposes or for the use of third party by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting or other means without prior consent of "Beauty Road"

        3. All the rights and responsibilities of the post made by the member are the responsibility of the member who posted it.
        4. The Company may use, reproduce, modify, publish and distribute any postings posted by members on the Site.

Article 20 (Relationship with Advertisers and Linked Sites)

        1. BeautyRoad’s privacy policy does not apply to sites linked from websites and emails other than the official site of BeautyRoad.
        2. BeautyRoad shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the participation, communication or transaction of the advertiser on the beauty load site or e-mail, or in promotional activities of the advertiser through this service.

Chapter 5 Other

Article 21 (Prohibition of Transfer)

        Members can not lend, transfer, or donate their rights to use the service to others, nor can they use it for pledging purposes.

    Article 22 (Indemnity and Indemnity)

        1. BeautyRoad shall not be liable for the provision of services in the event that it can not provide services due to natural disasters or force majeure.
2. BeautyRoad is not responsible for the obstacles of using the service due to the reasons of the members.
        3. BeautyRoad shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the use of the Service or the data obtained through the Service.         4. BeautyRoad shall not be held responsible for the contents of information, data, facts, accuracy, etc. posted by members on the service unless there is a special reason that BeautyRudy clearly recognizes the falsity of the information. This is also the case if BeautyRoad has taken action in accordance with these Terms and any applicable laws.
        5. BeautyRoad shall not be liable for damages caused by the subscriber’s intention or negligence in connection with the use of the service.

Article 23 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

        1. The jurisdiction of lawsuits related to disputes between Beauty Road and users shall be governed by the Civil Procedure Act.
        2. The laws of the Republic of Korea apply to lawsuits filed between beauty load and the user.

■ Bylaws
Article 1 (Effective Date) This Agreement will be effective on July 26, 2017.