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Privacy Policy

Real DOC (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") places great importance on the protection of users’ personal information, and it is best for the user to use the company’s service site ("Real Doc" , And we comply with the personal information protection regulations related to personal information such as "Personal Information Protection Act", "Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection, etc."

The Company shall disclose the following personal information policy to inform you of the purpose and manner in which the personal information provided by the user to the company is used and what measures are taken to protect the personal information. The company’s privacy policy may be changed in accordance with changes in laws and regulations or company’s terms and internal policies. In case of revision, the company will post the changes on the service screen or notify the users.

You may refuse to consent to any of the following matters related to the collection, use, provision or consignment of personal information. However, if the user declines the consent, the service will not be available in whole or in part.

Users should check back frequently when visiting the website.

1. Purpose and purpose of collection of personal information

"Personal information" means information about an individual who is alive and includes information that can be used to identify the individual by the name and telephone number included in the information, Including those that can be easily identified and combined with).

The company collects personal information of users in order to provide users with better and better services including customized services.

The Company does not disclose personal information of users without prior consent of the user, and the collected information is used as follows.

First, you can develop more useful services based on the personal information provided by users. When developing new services or expanding contents, the company determines the priorities of the services to be developed based on the personal information provided by the existing users more efficiently, and the company rationally selects the content You can provide.

Second, the personal information items we collect and the purposes for which we collect and use them are as follows:
- Full name, ID, Password: Use for membership verification by membership service
- E-mail address, phone number: Providing a smooth communication path for notification delivery, complaint handling, and information on new services, new products and event information
- Bank account information, credit card information: Charges for services and additional services
- Address, phone number: Obtaining the exact address for billing and shipping
- Other choices: Materials to provide personalized services, marketing activities
-IP Address,: Prevention of fraudulent use and prevention of unauthorized use

2. How to collect and collect personal information items

When a user joins a member to use a member service, the company receives online information that is essential for providing the service. The essential information you receive when you sign up is your name, email address, and so on. In order to provide high-quality services, users are also able to input phone numbers as optional items.

You can also request personal information for statistical analysis or offer of prizes at the time of surveys or events at the Real Doc. However, we do not collect sensitive personal information (such as race and ethnicity, ideology, creed, place of birth, domicile, political orientation and criminal record, health status and sex life) We will always ask for your prior consent.
In any case, the information you enter will not be used for any other purpose other than for the purpose previously disclosed to users and will not be leaked to the outside world.

3. Retention and Use Period of Personal Information Collected

While you are using the services that are provided to the Company as true DoCoMo members, the Company keeps the users’ personal information continuously and uses them to provide services. However, if the member himself or herself deletes or modifies information in accordance with the procedure and method described in "5. User’s own personal information management (viewing, correction, deletion, etc.)" below, It is completely deleted from the disk by the method that does not exist, and it is treated as being impossible to read or use later.

Personal information entered by temporary purposes (such as surveys, events, identity verification, etc.) as in "2. Personal information items and collection methods to be collected" shall not be reproduced in the same manner after the object is achieved. It will be processed.

In principle, your personal information shall be destroyed when the purpose of collecting personal information or the purposes for which it is provided is accomplished as follows: However, in order to prevent recurrence and re-entry of fraudulent use of bad members and to resolve the dispute, the Company keeps the name, ID, contact details and fraudulent use of the member for six months from the date of termination of the contract. If it is necessary to preserve the information in accordance with related laws such as commercial law, consumer protection law in electronic commerce, etc., the company keeps the member information for a certain period determined by related laws and regulations. In this case, the Company will only use the information it keeps for the purpose of keeping it, and the retention period is as follows.

- Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years
- Record of payment and goods supply: 5 years
- Records of complaints or disputes by consumers: 3 years

The Company handles the personal information of valuable members safely and destroys personal information through the following methods to prevent leakage:

- Personal information printed on paper is crushed or destroyed by crusher.
- Personal information stored in an electronic file is deleted using a technical method that can not play the record.

4. Sharing and Providing Personal Information Collected

The Company shall use the personal information of the users within the scope of the notice stated in "1. Purpose and purpose of collecting personal information" and use it beyond the scope without prior consent of the user or in principle disclose the user’s personal information to the outside Do not. Exceptions are made in the following cases:

- If users agree in advance
- If you need to pay for the service charge,
- If there are special provisions in the statute,
- Providing advertisers, partners or research organizations in a form that can not identify a specific individual for statistical writing, academic research or market research. - Providing personal information necessary for the handling of complaints to a professional company operating the Customer Center in Section 8 for the handling of complaints and inquiries (complaints) related to user’s use of the service.

5. Regarding the user’s personal information management (reading, correcting, deleting, etc.)

If you want, you can view your personal information at any time and modify the required information. In addition, you can always view, modify, or delete any additional information that is not required to you during registration. Changing or deleting your personal information and withdrawing your membership will be available after you log in.

6. Cookie matters

The company uses the cookie method for member authentication. If you use a public place or a computer that can be used by someone else, log out (log-in) when you are finished using the service. Please refrain from setting cookies. Example: To decline cookie settings, you can either allow all cookies, check each time you save cookies, or refuse to save all cookies by selecting the option for your web browser.
< Br> Example of how to set up (for Internet Explorer)
: Click Tools & gt; Internet Options & gt; Personal Information

However, if you refuse to install cookies, there may be difficulties in providing the service.

7. Non-member personal information management
- Reviews left by non-members who have left their membership will be left with no personal information to identify them.

- Reviews are not used for any purpose other than those related to the operation of the service.

8. Consignment processing of personal information
In order to improve the service, the Company can collect, handle and manage your personal information with the legal requirements such as consent, if necessary, and handle it, and provide it to a third party. - The Company is entrusted with the following duties related to the processing of personal information. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the Company stipulates the matters necessary for the personal information to be managed safely in contracting contract. In addition, the information shared is limited to the minimum information necessary to achieve the purpose.

- Subject: [CJ Korea Express]
- Consignment business contents: [Shipping business]

- Trustee: [INICIS]
- In the case of entrusting or providing the processing of personal information, the matters concerning the trustee, scope of trust, scope of the shared information, We will notify you in advance via phone or homepage.

9. Comments on complaints and complaints about personal information

The Company is collecting opinions from users regarding the protection of personal information and has prepared all procedures and methods to deal with complaints. Users can report their complaints by telephone or e-mail by referring to the section entitled "10. Personal Information Management Supervisor and Person in Charge - Name and Contact" below, and the company shall promptly and promptly We will answer you.

10. Personal information manager and person in charge - Name and contact information

We are working hard to ensure that you have good access to good information. In the event of any incidents that arise from your notice in relation to the protection of your personal information, the person in charge of personal information management is responsible.
It is the user’s responsibility to maintain the security of the user ID’s password. The company does not ask the user directly about the password in any way, so please be careful not to let the password out to others.
Especially when you are online in the public place, Br>

11. Duty of Notification

The content of the current privacy policy will be notified via email if there is any further deletion or modification of the content due to changes in government policy or security technology.